[Juser] ICQ 2002 Import

Jeremy Nickurak atrus at jabber.spam.rifetech.com
Thu Nov 7 11:08:01 CST 2002

Is this database file present even when the contact list is being stored
remotely? If that's the case, then this should be relatively

On Thu, 2002-11-07 at 06:31, Guzze wrote:
> The only way I know of is to import the contacts from the database
> file of the *real* ICQ client with a Jabber client that supports it,
> like JAJC http://www.jabber.ru/projects/jajc
> or myJabber http://www.myjabber.net/myJabber.php

There are other options, like Jabbertools [ http://jabbertools.sf.net/
], for reference.

Jeremy Nickurak <atrus at jabber.spam.rifetech.com>

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