[Juser] HTTP Proxy & Polling Applet not working.

Tim Bolt timbolt at mail.com
Mon Nov 18 20:34:03 CST 2002

Dear JUser List,

I have just recently started trying to use Jabber at the suggestion of a friend.  Think it is great to be pushing for Open Standards IM & really want to stick with this format.  I am fine from home, however, I cannot use this from work, where we are behind an HTTP Proxy Server resting traffic to a Proxy server running on the 8080 port.

I have tried following the instructions at:
   1) http://mailman.jabber.org/pipermail/jdev/2002-April/011572.html
            (which references the page:   
            that is a bit tough to get through!)
   2) http://a-message.de/webchat/exoduspolling

I did use jabber.com as the server, but I could never get a connection with either.

Putting the given URLs in a browser, the   
       http://webim.jabber.com/wc12/webclient/ page request returns:
"The document name you requested (/wc12/webclient/) could not be found on this server."  

       http://amessage.info:8080/jabber/JabberPollingServlet returns:
"The requested resource (/JabberPollingServlet) is not available."

Also, going to the base of the http://webim.jabber.com/wc12/ site, the on-line demo works in "Persistent WebClient", but not "Poll WebClient".

I have to think the HTTP proxy thing affects lots of users, so if someone could post the working configuration or in someway help me and my colleagues it would be greatly appreciated!!!


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