[Juser] Jabber.org problems

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at rug.ac.be
Tue Nov 19 15:17:31 CST 2002


today (actually this "evening"), it seems that jabber.org can't 
communicate with other servers :(. That's not a real problem, because 
I'm notified of it when I try to send a message to a user on another 
server  (it sth. happens with e-mails too).

But then I tried my test account (on myjabber.net) to send a message to 
my main account on jabber.org, I didn't receive an error from 
myjabber.net that my message couldn't be delivered :(. So this could 
mean that other users also tried to contact me. I'm offline to them, but 
they expect that I will receive that message.

Now my question: is this a myjabber.net problem only or is it a bug in 
the jabberd? Anyway, it's very annoying and not so good for good Jabber 
publicity :'-(


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