[Juser] jabber.com account but transport from another server.

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at rug.ac.be
Thu Oct 10 14:27:35 CDT 2002

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> What client are you using? The jabber.com server does not support Jabber
> browsing and if I recall correctly you might have a problem surfing off to
> another Jabber server if your home server is jabber.com (depending on the
> client that you use). You might want to email support at jabber.com about
> this. I'll cc them on this message.
> Peter

I think I've tried JAJC and Exodus.

I've also e-mailed Jabber.com and I received the following answer:

  It depends on which jabber client you are using.  Some jabber clients will
allow you to connect to transports that are hosted on other servers.

Thank you for your time!

Jabber, Inc. Technical Support

Does anybody happens to know such a client?


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