[Juser] jabber.com account but transport from another server.

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at rug.ac.be
Fri Oct 11 04:48:27 CDT 2002

Miguel Carvalho wrote:
> Hi!
> 1. Jabber.com have two kind clients : the free one, only allows you to
> surf with their servers, and only has msn transport. If wan't more than
> that, you have to pay for that.

I thinks the reason for only supporting msn, is because the others are 
blocked, at least, that's what I *think*, I'm not sure of it...

> 2. Anyone knows a good client for win, with transports for yms, msn and
> icq?
> I've tried Jabber Messenger, Yabber, MyJabber,  chatterfish. I've had
> problems with all of them, specialy concerning to transports. 
> Is there any that resolves icq server side contacts??

I like JAJC (http://www.jabber.ru/projects/jajc/) and it has native 
transport icons for icq, msn and yahoo messenger. I also tried Psi, 
which I like.


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