[Juser] [ANNOUNCE] Gossip 0.3

Mikael Hallendal micke at imendio.com
Mon Jul 7 12:25:06 CDT 2003

Imendio is proud to announce the first release of Gossip, an easy to
user Jabber client for the magnificent GNOME platform.

What is Gossip?
Gossip aims at making Jabber easy to use and tries to give GNOME users a
real user friendly way of chatting with their friends. Since this is the
first release (even though we have used it ourselves for over six
months) we are not there yet but we are working hard on getting Gossip
to be the natural choice for people who want instant messaging without

What is Jabber?
Jabber is an open instant messaging XML-based protocol. It can be used
instead of ICQ, AIM, MSN, ... or together with them through gateways
(not supported in Gossip yet).

More information
The project page (also includes screenshots) can be found at:

and tarballs can also be found at:

Gossip uses the library Loudmouth:

   Mikael and Richard
Mikael Hallendal                micke at imendio.com
Imendio                         http://www.imendio.com
Phone: +46 (0)709 718 918

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