[Juser] Re: SSL Connect with Rhymbox 1.6

Frank Seesink frank at mail.wvnet.edu
Sun Jul 6 14:22:50 CDT 2003

Ken Wermann wrote:
> Hi All,
> Have you seen a problem with the new Rhymbox when trying to connect over 
> 5223 to the SSL port that the connection fails? Then if you leave it for 
> a minute it logs on? This does not happen if connecting without SSL, but 
> since that is the only connection type we allow on the server I need it.
> Any advice,


Sorry for long delay in responding.  Probably useless comment at this 
point, but to answer your question:  have patience. :-)

	Yes I've noticed this lag, as I tend to use Rhymbox myself.  Looking at 
my internal connections, it appears Rhymbox uses a separate executable 
called stunnel.exe, located in

	x:\Program Files\RhymBox\bin\ateclient

to perform SSL connections (part of the Tipic client SDK framework). 
That is, instead of Rhymbox.exe making the connection, stunnel.exe is 
fired up and acts a proxy of sorts...

	Rhymbox <--> stunnel <--> Jabber server

This building of the connection takes a few moments (SSL is not 
instant).  Not sure there's any way to speed things up.  You could, of 
course, try another Jabber client to see if it worked more to your 
satisfaction, or contact Rhymbox's author to see if there are any plans 
to improve performance/change things (though I doubt it, as it appears 
to part of the SDK used to perform the Jabber functions, and would 
likely require Tipic changing things, not the Rhymbox author).

	Honestly, I just wait the few extra seconds and then things are fine.

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