[Juser] How to connect to MSN, ICQ, Yahoo etc. using Exodus client

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Jul 28 10:55:10 CDT 2003

FYI, we have documentation about how to use gateways:


> One thing that bugs me is Yahoo!. I very often have problems connecting
> via the Yahoo! gateway server. I usually see this red exclamation sign
> beside the Yahoo! connection indicator icon with the pop up hint saying
> 'internal server error'.

Yahoo has been actively working to block access to its service from any
software (including the Jabber -> Yahoo gateway) that is not approved by
Yahoo itself. And the connectivity is based on reverse-engineering of
the Yahoo protocol, which may not be complete.

> I'm not sure what triggers the problem so that I can avoid it.

It's probably nothing you can fix.


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