[Juser] Re: How to connect to MSN, ICQ, Yahoo etc. using Exodus client

Shane Knysh shane.knysh at yoner.com
Mon Jul 28 11:03:49 CDT 2003


To connect Exodus to a transport follow the following steps.

1. Click the Exodus menu
2. Select "Register with a Service" (this display a pop up window)
3. Type in the JID of the service you wish to connect to. 

Generally, the transports are all named similarly; yahoo.someserver.com,
msn.someserver.com, icq.someserver.com, aim.someserver.com.

Not all servers support all transports, you might need to to use a couple of servers to
get all the services you need. You can look at the public server list to see what is
supported on the jabber.org website (http://www.jabber.org/user/publicservers.php). I use
the nureality.ca and have found it to be very stable.

4. Follow the instructions in the wizard to register the service.

Hope this helps,
shane.knysh at YonerDotCom
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