[Juser] headlines, urls, and exodus

Marshall Rose mrose+internet.jabber.users at dbc.mtview.ca.us
Wed Mar 19 15:57:25 CST 2003

> Just a reminder, the idea that type="headline" has anything to do with
> news headlines is just a common misconception. type="headline" is used
> to indicate a message where no replies could make sense. This happens to
> apply to news notifications, but also to things like mailbox checkers
> (like the msn transport's new-mail notifier), or anything else where the
> "discussion" is really only in one direction.

i agree, and i have bots in all of those categories that generate
signficant traffic for my client.
what i am suggesting is that with traffic that falls into that category
also tends to contain a pointer to additional info, via a URL.
so, i think the community would be better served if clients that support
headlines look for things like jabber:x:oob and make it trivial to
dereference them.
obviously by "support headlines", i refer to clients that have code that
looks at the type attribute and does anything different based on a value
of headline.

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