[Juser] msn security issue;and inability to register yahoo do to internal timeout

allie_M aliM at landscreek.net
Mon Sep 1 22:44:54 CDT 2003

Terry Turner wrote:

> This post covers two separate issues:  First, everytime I log on (I am
> a newbie), I get a message from msn messenger that I am using an old
> version of messenger that requires an immediate security update. Is
> there a fix for this problem?

I don't know. MSN Messenger's transport protocols were updated,
apparently for security reasons. It would seem that the gateway servers
would need to be updated to support the new protocols.

> ... Second, I cannot seem to register Yahoo service. Everytime I try,
> I get a message informing me of an internal timeout. What's the deal?
> Any assistance anyone can provide will be appreciated.

Do you already have your Yahoo id?

If so, then I'd simply try another gateway server. You can try any you

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