[Juser] AIM Transport

Dinh Bowman bowdinh at pyroschnee.com
Tue Sep 2 18:49:08 CDT 2003


I'm a new Jabber user... So if my question fits into the "Look at the 
FAQ". please point me to "The FAQ"...

(OS: Windows)

I'm trying to replace my AIM, MSN, and Yahoo windows.. So I started 
running Trillian, but Jabber has some principles which I really like.

MSN's Transport seems to sort of work.. But AIM is not even close.. It 
will give me a registration error if I'm not logged in with my other AIM 
window. If I am logged in to AIM currently, and try to re-connect with 
Jabber (either using JAJC or Rhymbox), AIM will say "You were 
disconnected cause you logged in somewhere else", and Jabber will be 
happy. Except I get no list of online users etc...

Does that make sense?
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you kindly,

-Dinh Bowman-

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