[Juser] Seeking for new contacts by interest ...

feczo at geek.hu feczo at geek.hu
Sun Feb 8 01:00:10 CST 2004

Hi, I'm new to jabber, and comeing from the icq world.
As most of my contacts doesn't seem to migrate, but I 
will keep in touch with them through the gateways, that is fine.
Though I need some new contacts (native jabber users) :) 
I have read about JUD, and found the users.jabber.org service,
ok, but I can only search for Firs/Last/Nick/Email ... 
in my case these fields are complettly irrelevant, I would
like to search by age/location/interest ... (like on icq whitepages :)

 (_. o_)            F3CZ0
   (_,)     http://feczo.nmi.rulez.org
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