[Juser] Trouble with Gateaway MSN

Rene Bartosh kirjava at kirjava.net.nz
Mon Mar 15 23:39:39 CST 2004

> My Jabber service is doing fine
> In the Menu Tools-Other Services MSN GW I put:
> My user:
> xxx at hotmail.com <mailto:xxx at hotmail.com>
> My password:
> And a click in the "Activate" Button (The Jabber try to sen the information)
> Then I have been receiving the same message for the last few days:
> "Error
> Server timeout
> Couldn't register with the service at this time, please try again later"
> It is strange because my hotmail acount is working fine, ¿What should I do?
> Regards!

What Jabber client and server are you using?

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