[Juser] authentication failure problem with exodus

Mike mike at vorefamily.net
Fri Oct 1 15:47:26 CDT 2004

James M Galvin wrote:
> I'm replying to my own message so there's a response to the issue in the
> archive.  I never got a response from anyone on the mailing list but I
> did finally get a response from the folks at JSF.
> It seems the problem was the Exodus client.  I was told that it has
> exhibited the behavior of changing account parameters when it suits it
> to do so.  A check of my account parameters found that the password on
> my account had been changed.
> As to whether the problem was actually something Exodus did or was a
> problem on the server side, I can not say for certain.  It could just be
> the interaction between Exodus and the jabber.org service.  However,
> since I was not included to debug the issue I took the recommended
> advice: switch clients.  There are so many to choose from it was by far
> the easiest thing to do.

     As a new jabber user I normally use Gaim, but tried Exodus once.  The
password was changed, I thought it was something I did.  But now I'm more
sure it was Exodus that (helped to) cause the problem.  I've had no problem
with Gaim - either Linux or Wondurz 2000 version.



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