[Juser] Re: Any good jabber bots available for use publicly?

Tony Yat-Tung Cheung tony.cheung at asiayeah.com
Tue Oct 19 11:32:32 CDT 2004


I've collected a few good IM bots and have written an article on them.

If you are interested in trying some IM bots for Jabber, you can refer 
to my article,



Best Regards,
Tony Cheung

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> In article <EC8B35DE-16D8-11D9-98ED-000A95BBA0B2 at asiayeah.com>,
>  Tony Yat-Tung Cheung <tony.cheung at asiayeah.com> wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>I am looking for a few Jabber bots, which any Jabber user can use.
>>Is there any good recommendation?
>>Tony Cheung
> Are these bots that live on the server? E.g., coolbot at jabber.org would 
> run Elisa or whatever. We had some of these in the old days but they 
> accepted subscriptions and their rosters got way too big! ;-)
> /psa

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