[Juser] Need a name suggestion for a new Jabber client

Andrew Luecke auzy at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Oct 26 01:59:12 CDT 2004

Need a name suggestion for a new Jabber clienthey all.

I'm planning to design a jabber client based entirely on runtime based 

The reason why I am determined to develop this client is because I feel 
  that current clients have barely any plugin support (gaim is probably 
the closest to plugin support).

While this is appropriate for protocols such as yahoo, MSN and ICQ due 
to the fact the protocols rarely change, Jabber is constantly evolving. 
In fact, at last count there is 144 Jabber enchancement protocols, and 
this amount will start growing exponentially as jabber takes hold.

My aim would be to create a system where its as plausible as possible to 
upgrade the features available without needing a full upgrade. I would 
prerably like to make it a simple framework which other programmers can 
add improvements to. Eventually, I would like it to be as powerful as 
the mozilla firefox extension system..

So any ideas??



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