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Williams, Kevin C kevin.c.williams3 at boeing.com
Thu Aug 25 15:43:03 CDT 2005

I wish Boeing would adopt jabber :).  We do have jabber in SoSCOE which
is an army product but not as an enterprise IM tool.  Instead we have
Microsoft Messenger using the RVP protocol :(

Thanks for the explanation Peter.

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> Williams, Kevin C wrote:
> > I'm not familiar with the federation concept of jabber.  It sounds 
> > like it would allow other jabber servers to communicate with each 
> > other allowing user1 from server1 to communicate with user2 on 
> > server2?  If so, are there efforts to allow for federation between 
> > jabber and non-jabber messaging systems such as yahoo!, msn AND AIM?
> Jabber is essentially just like email (except it is more 
> secure because you can't fake your from address etc.). Just 
> as on email I
> (stpeter at jabber.org) can send a message to you (we'll call 
> you kevin at boeing.com), so on Jabber I (also 
> stpeter at jabber.org) can send a message to most anyone who has 
> a Jabber account (e.g., perhaps also kevin at boeing.com), 
> unless their domain (e.g., boeing.com) does not allow what we 
> call "server to server" connections. Right now, Google Talk 
> does not have server to server functionality turned on (in 
> fact I don't even think they've coded it up yet), so their 
> service is not "federated" with the rest of the network. 
> Eventually it will (we hope), but not yet.
> As to Yahoo, MSN, and AIM -- we've been working on that for 
> the last 6 years by trying to make the Jabber/XMPP network 
> larger and larger, getting big companies to adopt our 
> technology, etc. I've written about it recently here (scroll 
> down to the end):
> http://www.jabber.org/journal/2005-08-24.shtml
> Hope that helps,
> Peter
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