[Juser] Interconnection issues and jabber.org usage.

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Sat Feb 19 05:35:45 CST 2005

Hi Ralph!

Ralph Meijer schrieb am 2005-02-19 11:39:44:
> I think the jabber.org admins wouldn't mind (to put it mildly) if people
> started migrating to more local servers.

I guess, yes. Same with me. I don't mind if users are changing to other
servers or run their own server. I even most of the time try to help
other admins to offer good service. Even so I try to make amessage as
good as I can, I don't want to invite people to leave my server by
making the service worse. ;)

> Also, they are in the middle of a
> reorganisation of the jabber.org services (Jabber, web, e-mail), and in the
> near future, the services should be back to stable again. Not sure about the
> interconnect with amessage, though.

I can just tell that I am working on it, but still after that long time
I have not found the real problem with it. It seems to be related with
the clustering of amessage which can result in multiple outgoing
s2s connections from the same domain to the same other domain. The s2s
connection manager of jabber.org seems to have problems with that.
(XMPP isn't clear about if a configuration with multiple connections
between the same domains are allowed or not, but I'd say it is.)

I am working on changing s2s clustering that these multiple connections
won't happen (there is only a single "used" connection for stanza
exchange, the second connection is only established while doing dialback
as the dialback verification request comes in on an other s2s instance).

Tot kijk

BTW: The message ids you generate for e-mail are invalid as they are
qualified by the localhost domain.

Fon: +49-(0)70 0770 07770          http://web.amessage.info
Fax: +49-(0)89 312 88 654          xmpp:mawis at amessage.info
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