[Juser] ICQ transports gone mad!

Phil Reynolds phil at tinsleyviaduct.com
Sat Jan 8 07:06:48 CST 2005

Over the last few days, I have become rather annoyed with the poor
reliability of icq.jabber.hu, to the point that I registered with

I now get regularly logged off ICQ because it detects a duplicate login.
I cannot deregister from icq.jabber.hu as it refuses, nor can I see a
way to deregister from icq.here.dk as the "Unregister" button is not
even there.

If someone could advise me as to how to fix this, I would be very
grateful. I have access to both jajc and Gabber.

Phil Reynolds
 o  ____ mail: phil at tinsleyviaduct.com
|L_ \  / Web: http://www.tinsleyviaduct.com/phil/
(_)- \/  Waltham 67, Emley Moor 69, Droitwich 79, Windows 95

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