[Juser] Jabber features, transport and bots

Teddy Frederiksen tfsoft at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 6 10:07:13 CDT 2005

Hi Everybody

I am on a seach for the best feathers on the jabber network, but i find 
myself stuk on my quest. My seach has until now gotten me:
-Instant Weather (city at weather.jabber.zim.net)
-Instant Dictionary (dict at openaether.org)
-WebPresence (edgar at jabber.netflint.net & edgar at jabbernet.dk)
-RSSfeeds (jabrss at cmeerw.net)
-ConversationsBot (eliza at swissjabber.org)

But i still miss features like POP3 mail notifikation and/or readning, 
IRC-transport or a MSN-transport how supports filetransfer. Does anyone out 
there know any server who has features, transport or Bots not listed here?

MrTB, tfsoft at jabbernet.dk

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