[Juser] Dimension a jabber cloud + misc on features

atlanta at no-log.org atlanta at no-log.org
Mon Jun 13 04:34:10 CDT 2005

Hi, good day,

We've got the plan to deploy jabber services on a cloud made of 5 sites
worldwide. Like 1250 users. I'd say something like 500 over the US, 250
over Europe/Middle East and 500 in China/Japan and New-Zeeland.

SSL only, privacy and confidentiality is a point of focus.

How do I dimension an Intel server to handle like twice (2500 users) in
the same time? Is a rack-based 1 U Pentium4 with 512 RAM enough? How the
SSL engine will impact to cost of performance? The OS has a strong impact
on it? Is it better to use a BSD-like OS or a Fedora? Thank you for that,
it might be for a part out of the topic here.

About something else, we need to make sure specific rooms will always be
available. Like, the HR room being always there even if nobody in there,
"SUPPORT" or "TECH". How do I do it? Anything like an addon package to
jabberd version 2? A script?

In order to avoid mobile users to be forced to get to the jabber cloud
using their VPN client and our VPN Concentration access, we wonder if
moving the typic 5223/tcp port to 443/tcp which is SSL. In terms of
threads, is it bad? Using this 443/tcp port, likely the mobile users will
not be firewalled at the hotel.

Is it possible to do something on the server to avoid forever people from
sending attachements?

Finally, the users are already existing in the Active Directory
infrastructure. How do I link the Jabberd servers to that infrastructure?
Is there an additional package to install on my test FreeBSD 4.11 server?

Thank you very much for all!


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