[Juser] Error while configuring the jabber server

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Jun 13 11:20:58 CDT 2005

As noted, please use the JADMIN list for server admninistation


I've changed http://www.jabber.org/about/lists.shtml so that JUser is
now further down in the table -- hopefully that will help reduce future


On Mon, Jun 13, 2005 at 04:48:07PM +0530, plaza plaza wrote:
> **IM getting the following error while restarting the Jabberd
> [root at suprio root]# /etc/init.d/jabberd restart
> Restarting Jabberd ...
> Stopping jabberd: killing jabberd with pid 2355.
> 20050613T10:51:01: [notice] (-internal): shutting down server
> Starting jabberd: Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno,
> h_errno or _res directly. Needs to be fixed.
> jabberd.
> **Also while connecting the jabber server at suprio.blr  through gaim
> client ,the following error comes:
> [root at suprio root]# 20050613T10:51:11: [notice] (-internal): initializing server
> 20050613T10:59:43: [notice] (sample.blr): bouncing a routed packet to
> sample.blr from 10 at c2s/80E86C0: Unable to deliver, destination unknown
> Pls help me
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