[Juser] Jabber instability

Jan Borsodi jb at ez.no
Thu Mar 3 09:25:44 CST 2005


I'm inquirying about some stability problems with jabber servers.
We (employees at eZ systems) have been using jabber for a long while, most of 
used the jabber.at server. However after a while we  started to have serious 
problems with the servers and lost connections all the time.

Due to this problems we decided to move everyone to the jabber.org server. I 
had personally used this server for several weeks without any problems.
Everything went fine for about a week, then suddenly we started to see the 
same stability issues on jabber.org.

My question is then what can cause this problem?
Is it the server itself that becomes unavailable?

We are all behind the same IP using masqeruading, could it be that the server 
kicks everyone from that IP due to bad data from a jabber client?

Is there any way to monitor requests from our IP and see when something goes 

Jan Borsodi
jb at ez.no | eZ systems | ez.no

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