[Juser] Permanently Authorizing Users

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Mar 25 03:59:03 CST 2005

Hi Alex!

alex schrieb am 2005-03-24 12:27:26:
> I have setup my first jabber IM server and have chosen GAIM as my IM 
> client. All works properly except every time someone reboots, the whole 
> buddy list is shown as offline. A re-request autnetication takes care of 
> it, but it has to be done each reboot (they all shut down at night). It 
> is not a show stopper but is regarded as a pain in the rear.
> Is there any way to tell the server that all users are 'authorized'?

As Peter wrote this should not happen. Am I right that these contacts
are no real Jabber contacts but contacts in an other proprietary instant
messaging network (ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo)?
In that case I don't think that the actual Jabber server is forgetting
anything, but your transport is the reason for the problem.

As Peter said ... better to ask at the jadmin list ...

Tot kijk

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