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mark mark at overcomerministry.org
Tue May 3 13:05:18 CDT 2005

Great!  That is my interest as well.

Natasha Live wrote:

> mark wrote:
>> I meant that the other list was for administering the servers.  This 
>> one is for the client and user stuff. The gateway services like on 
>> jabber.org.uk are transports running on a jabber server.  Is that 
>> what you're interested in?  -Mark
> I'm interested in both the admin, development and use of the Jabber 
> system, this is why i've subscribed to all the lists.
> Now whilst I can setup a server and write special limited use clients 
> using XMPP for communication, I am sadly lacking in my knowledge of 
> the day to day usage of the network.
> Things like Gateway, and various other bits'n'bobs, well the actual 
> usage of them is confusing. It may just be my choice of client of 
> course :) Currently, Gaim.
> NLive
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