[Juser] WebJabber launchs on site4free.us

Zhong Li webjabber at gmail.com
Mon May 9 10:59:48 CDT 2005

It is lots differences. 

1. WebJabber implements in Java building on JSO library, this gives 
WebJabber stronger and more powerful foundation.

2. JWChat has plan move to HTTP Poll; we don't. HTTP Poll will limit 
client's functions and hard to improve capabilities and functionalities

3. WebJabber implements most Jabber Client's function current, including 
File Transfer, MUC full functions, etc.

4. WebJabber will continue develop other non-Jabber functions as plug-in 
package, example, integrate into BLog and others plans build on WebJabber's 
power server side structure. 

5. WebJabber will limit pop-up. It is more difficult put all windows in one 
for browser-based client. 

 The major shortage is look-and-feel. It looks so plain; you may not like it 
at beginning. We will add customized setting in the future. Current we focus 
on functionalities. We will build it more close to you. As we said, you are 
always right. We also welcome all comments on WebJabber, so we can improve 
it on your demand, not us. 
Zhong Li

Web Jabber

On 5/9/05, jones <jones at mailinator.com> wrote:
> How is this any different from www.jwchat.org <http://www.jwchat.org> ?
> Zhong Li wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >
> >WebJabber launchs today on site4free.us. Welcome everybody test it.
> >http:://webjabber.net
> ><http://webjabber.net> Give your comments please. If you don't like 
> client
> >installed on your computer or can't find one, always remember, WebJabber
> >always service online for you.
> >
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