[Juser] stable public jabber server?

Gábor Farkas gabor at nekomancer.net
Fri May 13 05:43:07 CDT 2005

Hal Rottenberg wrote:
> On 5/12/05, Gábor Farkas <gabor at nekomancer.net> wrote:
>>        - in the past i had some problems with talking amessage.be to
>>jabber.org (i'm not saying that it was amessage.be's fault btw)
> Gabor, you'll occasionally find that some servers stop talking to each
> other.  I'd like to know if there is a root cause that people are
> trying to nail down but I've never thought to ask that on JDEV mailing
> list.  It has to do with S2S.  I don't know if its specific to
> jabberd1 or what but it's a big issue as far as I'm concerned with
> many different servers.  I get it all the time.

> Anyways, where are you located?  You won't want a server on the other
> side of the planet.
i'm from central-europe (slovakia), so using amessage.* (which seems to 
be a german server(s)) seems to be fine.


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