[Juser] Federation

Roberto Jung Drebes drebes at inf.ufrgs.br
Thu Sep 1 12:00:21 CDT 2005

For someone to send spam over XMPP (spim?) shouldn't he first ask  
authorization to everyone he wants to spam to add them to their  
"buddy lists"?

On 01/09/2005, at 13:44, Williams, Kevin C wrote:

> Interesting.  I understand and agree.  There should be some sort of
> distributed black list maybe.  This would only work if federation  
> setup
> between 2 xmmp servers is not automated.  i.e. Each party must agree
> ahead of time and modify configuration before the federation works.
> Otherwise, the new viruses will just be installing xmmp servers on  
> those
> unpatched windows2000 boxes and spamming from there until they're
> blacklisted.

Roberto Jung Drebes <drebes at inf.ufrgs.br>
Porto Alegre, RS - Brasil

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