[Juser] Federation

Lavanant Etienne etienne.lavanant at int-evry.fr
Thu Sep 1 14:08:58 CDT 2005

Williams, Kevin C a écrit :

>Interesting.  I understand and agree.  There should be some sort of
>distributed black list maybe.  This would only work if federation setup
>between 2 xmmp servers is not automated.
There is no problem with federation being automated. Black lists can be 
added (manually or automatically) while federation being automated. 
There is no problem with that. Today you can already black list a server 
while having your server open to s2s communications. If you want to talk 
more about this point, maybe the Jadmin list would be more appropriate.

>Otherwise, the new viruses will just be installing xmmp servers on those
>unpatched windows2000 boxes and spamming from there until they're
Viruses are not likely to be able to SPAM anybody. To connect to an 
other server (and send messages, presence, etc.), a server needs a valid 
DNS resolvable name and zomby machines don't have that. This is our big 
strength over the SMTP world.

Étienne Lavanant

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