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> Viruses are not likely to be able to SPAM anybody. To connect
> to an other server (and send messages, presence, etc.), a
> server needs a valid DNS resolvable name and zomby machines
> don't have that. This is our big strength over the SMTP world.
I disagree with that point.  My home cable connection has a resolvable
DNS name i.e. 66-45-43-23.socal.rr.com. (not my actual dns name but it
is similar).  All road runner customers are like this and probably many
other ISPs do this as well.

In my experience, many dynamic ip clients are also given matching DNS
resolvable names. For example my dynamically assigned IP address resloves to
adsl-XX-XXX-XX-XXX.dsl.akrnoh.ameritech.net according to nslookup. I
sometimes use the hostname to connect to my machine via FTP, HTTP, etc.

Todd W.

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