[Juser] swissjabber.ch - SMS down?

Phil Reynolds phil at tinsleyviaduct.com
Fri Sep 9 11:32:43 CDT 2005

On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 04:47:11PM +0200, swissjabber Support wrote:
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> Hello Phil,
> aspsms.swissjabber.ch is always up&running. aspsms-t doesn't support
> disco service yet. I supose that is the problem in your case.
> Try to access with normal jabber browse service and not disco. I will
> change this in the next weeks.
> For testing s2s between your jabber server and the
> aspsms.swissjabber.ch service, send a normal jabber message to
> aspsms.swissjabber.ch, aspsms-t should answer you with a reply
> message. If this works proper, I am sure, the problem is the disco
> thing I wrote.

It is back. Must have been s2s.

Is the Yahoo transport working properly? I am having trouble finding a
reliable one.

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