[Juser] problem with jabberd 1.42

Tomás Rodriguez Orta admin at angerona.cult.cu
Fri Sep 16 17:47:20 CDT 2005

Dear friend I am a new user in jabber server, I have a problem with the jabber server 1.42 for windows.
when I installed the jabber server and change some variable for example
 <host><jabberd:cmdline flag="h">localhost</jabberd:cmdline></host>
for this line 

and create a directory in jabberd/spool/localhost and I reboot the service jabberd but he show me the followin  error 

Unable to access home folder /home/temas/src/jabber-1.4.2: No such file or directory
Configuration parsing using jabber.xml failed: unclosed token at line 32 and column 18

somebody Can I help me?.

I hope your help.
best regards TOMAS

Este correo fue escaneado en busca de virus con el MDaemon Antivirus 2.27
en el dominio de correo angerona.cult.cu  y no se encontro ninguna coincidencia.
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