[Juser] ICQ full capabilities? (was: Group chat capability in ICQ transport)

Rodolfo Medina rodolfo.medina at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 15:52:19 CDT 2006

Rodolfo Medina wrote:

> With MS Windows and ICQ there installed I can access public
> group chatrooms such as `#20 something', `#French', `#Computers'
> and many others.
> I'm trying to do so with jabber (and other linux applications: 
> also gaim, centericq, licq) but don't manage to:
> all the servers I tried (at http://www.xmpp.net/bycountry.shtml)
> do not support, it seems, group chat.
> I followed the jabber user guide at:
>  http://www.jabber.org/user/userguide/
> . Please, any help?
> Is it possible to perform with Linux all ICQ's features
> (including group chatting)?

Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at jabber.org> writes:

> There are many chatrooms at conference.jabber.org and other groupchat
> services, such as conference.jabber.ru and many others. But we don't yet
> have a centralized directory of groupchat rooms.

My problem is that my family want to use `messenger' and ICQ for
chatting and instant messaging: as for `messenger', it seems 
that a client like `gaim' does the job quite well, 
whereas I'm finding it difficult
to find a client that perform quite fine all the original ICQ functions.

E.g. with gabber, through jabber network, I didn't manage to do `wide'
user searches, i.e. one types country, age and some other key field
and lets the program find users for you.
Also multiple chats, I didn't manage to do them with jabber's icq transport
and gabber as client.

Are they supported (then it was my unability) - or the only way
to have full ICQ features is to use the original ICQ software for MS Windows?
I wish I could do without it, but...
Also with other clients like licq, gaim and centericq I had the same

Thanks for any reply,

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