[Juser] Newbie: Creating account issue: Adium X Mac OS X

Alexander Sashnov asashnov at swsoft.com
Tue Jun 6 02:36:54 CDT 2006

Cocoa Ninja <teckninja at gmail.com> writes:

> There's no option for Log-in or Connect because, supposedly, the
> client tries to connect, then shows the first message saying "Invalid
> Jabber ID or Password".

You can try another client, http://psi-im.org/ for example.

Hint: do you use only ASCII letters in your jabber ID and password?

If yes, possible this is the bug on server side on jabber.org.

Or bug in the your current client.

For safe, use only ASCII chars.

Alexander Sashnov
JID: asashnov at jabber.ru

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