[Juser] web-based jabber chat?

Michael mogmios at mlug.missouri.edu
Fri Mar 10 15:02:34 CST 2006

> I'm sorry, but I now see references to two commercial deployments, where
> Michael was clearly asking for "open source chat client". This means he
> desires to setup his own service, on his own machine, with open source
> software.
Not a problem. Other people looking for similar info might me more 
interested in those commercial options. I'm wanting something very 
lightweight though for the exclusive purpose of offering live support to 
customers on my website. Our old website had a top heavy commercial 
product that fulfilled the function but I want something that is 
cross-platform friendly, lightweight, flexible, and opensource. Looks 
like I'll probably just create this tool myself as it isn't that complex 
anyway. A little javascript to communicate the text between the server 
and client and then a little server code to interface that to Jabber so 
our support staff can use standard Jabber clients. Thanks everyone.

Michael McGlothlin, tech monkey
Tub Monkey

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