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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Mar 13 14:34:27 CST 2006

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If you have a Gmail account for email, you automatically have a Jabber
account since Google uses the same address for email and IM. So for
instance I have a Gmail account "stpeter at gmail.com" (though I don't use
it much) and I can use that same account for IM. To do that in iChat, I
would set the "Jabber ID" to be "stpeter at gmail.com" under the "Account
Information" tab. Make sure that under the "Server Settings" tab you set
the server to be "talk.google.com".


liz reisberg wrote:
> Thanks for the quick reply.  I checked Gmail and Adium and am having
> trouble finding where I can set up a jabber account.  Can you direct me
> more specifically please?
> liz
> On Mar 13, 2006, at 2:49 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> liz reisberg wrote:
>>>> I am a complete newbie here.  I have set up a user ID and password for
>>>> jabber through iChat but I cannot connect through iChat or Adium.  Not
>>>> sure what I'm doing wrong.  I try connecting and I just get timed out.
>>>> Can anyone suggest something to try?
>>>> I am on a new Mac, using OS 10.4.5
> As far as I know, iChat does not create an account for you (it assumes
> the account already exists). You need to create the account with another
> program (such as Adium) or use an existing account such as the one
> associated with your Gmail ID.

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