[Juser] Unregister from a PyICQ gateway

Jan Gosmann blubb at bbmy.ath.cx
Thu Mar 16 14:14:49 CST 2006

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Peter Saint-Andre schrieb:
> Jan Gosmann wrote:
>>>I have the following problem: I want to unregister from a PyICQ gateway
>>>(at jabber.ccc.de). So I've deleted icq2.jabber.ccc.de (which is the
>>>adress of the gateway) from my roster. But after some minutes I can
>>>always autorisation dialogs and with them the error message that my
>>>message could not be delivered.
>>>Does anyone know how I can unregister completly from the PyICQ gateway?
> It depends on which Jabber client you are using. I would bet that very
> complete clients like Exodus or JBother support unregistering. It is
> possible that the client you are using did not send an unregister
> request to the gateway when you removed it from your roster. If you
> can't get something like JBother to do this, you can always send the raw
> XML using the "xml debug" feature available in some clients (or via a
> telnet session, see <http://www.saint-andre.com/jabber/telnet.txt>):

I will try the raw XML. If it does not work, I will write again.

By the way, my Jabber client is Kopete. I have forgotten to mention this
in my first mail.

- - Jan

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