[Juser] JUD down?

Eddie Maddox eddie at eddiemaddox.com
Thu May 18 19:15:56 CDT 2006

> We had to restart the server about 4 hours ago -- when did you last try
> to search users.jabber.org?
> Peter

Just now:

Address: jabber.org
Node: ___

ejabberd                                    jabber.org
  > ejabberd/mod_muc              conference....
  V ejabberd/mod_pubsub         pubsub....
       V home
       V pubsub

No "User Directory       users.jabber.org" anywhere.

Client: Psi 0.10
JID: GreatnessGuru at jabber.org

Eddie Maddox <eddie at eddiemaddox.com>

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