[Juser] New to the List with a Question

Kimberly kimberly at strangestangel.com
Sun Sep 3 18:07:02 CDT 2006


I'm new to the list and I have a burning question. I apologize if this has
been addressed before.

Firstly, I'm fairly new to Jabber and JAJC specifically. I use Jabber and
JAJC daily at work to communicate with my co-workers. There is one
co-worker with whom I'd like to save my communications with as what we've
covered has been very useful to me. I'd like to save the information.

In JAJC, I can open the message archive and look at all the messages
exchanged over the last year or so. It will allow me to delete them but
not to save them. I am sure they're saved locally because I've tried to
access the archive from my machine at home, logging into my work Jabber
account but am unable to read the message archives sent at work, only the
ones exchanged when I'm at home.

How do I find the locally stored messages and save them? Are they saved in
a specific file type? If they are stored on the server, is there a way for
me to access them w/o a lot of trouble?

Again, sorry if this is a silly question but it's driving me batty and
again, I'm quite new to both Jabber and JAJC.

Thanks for listening and I hope some one can help!

- k

"What I remember most are the great pains of my life.
The pleasant moments I have forgotten."
Pierre from Delta of Venus by Anais Nin

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