[Juser] Maddening with SSL certificates

Noiano noiano at x-privat.org
Mon Apr 30 15:38:27 CDT 2007

Hello everybody
I beg your pardon for this common and very frequent question. I have a
jabber.org account and I would like to connect via SSL because I often
connect using FON hotspot or university's lan so I fear from stealing
password. I always get error of unverified certificate and I really
cannot understand why is this happening: I have installed all startcom
root certificate but both kopete and psi complain about the certificate.
What I understood is that the certificate on jabber.org server doesn't
have the whole certificate chain so it is not possible to verify the
digital signature. However I can see the signature of jabber foundation
but it has no CA signature...what do I wrong?

Thanks for your help


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