[Juser] Extension for XEP-0045 ?

Peter Flindt newsgroups at Lastwebpage.de
Wed Dec 12 11:10:52 CST 2007

Peter Saint-Andre wrote at 12.12.2007 :
> Peter Flindt wrote:
>> Hello,
>> after some time in the jabber at jaaber.org channel I notice that many
>> different clients have this problem.
>> Maybe a addition to XEP-45 or some other specification could solve this
>> problem. How? I don't know. ;)
>> (Or there is a specification and I couldn't found it)
>> 1) I connect to conference room
>> 2) all works normal
>> 3) server drops the connection or other things happens on the server
>> side
>> 4) I am now in a ghost room, I can't send messages any longer.
>> Sometimes, when the server drops the connection completly, my cleint
>> regognize this and try a reconnect. The client reconnect, but to a room
>> with 1 or 2 users.
>> Some signal from the server would be usefull if the server reconnect
>> or/and a general guideline how client can handle this.

> Do you see this problem on other servers/chatrooms, for example if you
> join a room on jabber.ru? I think this may be related to downtime
> (server restarts) at jabber.org. If you are in the room when the
> jabber.org server is restarted, then your client may not receive
> unavailable presence from the room. In this case, support for XEP-0198
> would probably help, but only if your server is smart about how it
> handles bounced packets. And your server won't even know there is a
> problem unless you (or someone else who uses your server) tries to send
> a message to jabber.org. At least your client tries to reconnect (to the
> room or to the jabber.org server, i.e., where is your account?) when it
> receives a bounced message. If the jabber.org server was restarted then
> you will return to a room with 1 or 2 users because everyone else was
> disconnected and they have not reconnected yet.

> I need to think about this some more to know if XEP-0198 will solve the
> problem. In fact there are probably server problems here...

> Peter
Yes, I have this problem on all servers, tested with rooms on
jabber,org, jabber.ru, jabbim.com, jabber.ccc.de it make no differents.
(Tested with Login server jabber.org, jabber.ru and jabbim.com)

Yes, this XEP-0198 seems to be the right way, bit I am not sure if this
really fix the problems:
a) I see the room and the users, but my messages are not send to the
b)or I reconnect to a room and the room is empty.

I must admit, I compare a jabber room a little bit with a IRC channel
and I never have similiar problems with an IRC channel. ;)


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