[Juser] Online, but appears offline

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Dec 12 13:43:08 CST 2007

Joseph N. wrote:
> I am using Psi, connected through my host's Jabber server.  When I chat 
> with someone on Gmail Talk, which like Jabber is XMPP, she sees my 
> status as being offline and unable to take messages.  But my client sees 
> me as "online," or even "available to chat."  Is this an XMPP 
> compatibility issue, or a Psi issue, or a gmail Talk issue?

Typically, this is a problem of subscription synchronization between
your "roster" (buddy list) on your server and her roster on GTalk. That
is, your roster thinks you are subscribed but her roster thinks you are not.

In any case it is not a Psi issue or an XMPP compatibility issue.

Are you able to exchange messages? Or is presence the only problem?


Peter Saint-Andre

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