[Juser] Jabber and Google Talk problem...

Michael J Stempf junkmailformike at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 22:34:48 CST 2007


I have looked everywhere for a solution to this issue...but have not  
found any (but have found others with the same problem).

I have setup buddies on Google Talk...can talk with them, no problem.

I have iChat (Apple) and MOST of the buddies show up there...but not  
all.  For the life of me I can't get 2 of my buddies to show up.  I  
thought this was a iChat issue and asked for help on those groups.

But I have since loaded up IM+ for Pocket PC and when I configured  
the jabber account for Google Talk, the same 2 buddies are having  
problems (I can see them - but they are offline - even when they are  

Does anyone know where/what I can do about this?

Thanks so much,


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