[Juser] Some questions about the vCard photo

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Jun 4 11:06:58 CDT 2007

Peter Flindt wrote:
> Hello,
> I have read the XEP-0054 vcard-temp and XEP-0153: vCard-Based Avatars
> (maybe there are more ?) here are my questions:
> 1)A vCard photo and a avatar CAN be two different pictures. If the user
> not offer an avatare the client app CAN display the vCard photo, is
> this correct?

Right. But vCard only has the PHOTO element, so we work with that in 
XEP-0054 and XEP-0153.

> 2) I found nowhere any description about the maximum size of the vCard
> for each field, the dimension of the vCard photo (I found only some
> recommendations about the avatar) or the size of the vCard in sum. Is
> the max size of the vCard limitied only by the server? If yes, what's a
> good/average maximum value for the size?

http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0153.html#bizrules-image says:

1. The image SHOULD use less than eight kilobytes (8k) of data; this 
restriction is to be enforced by the publishing client.

2. The image height and width SHOULD be between thirty-two (32) and 
ninety-six (96) pixels; the recommended size is sixty-four (64) pixels 
high and sixty-four (64) pixels wide.

3. The image SHOULD be square.

4. The image content type [6] SHOULD be image/gif, image/jpeg, or 
image/png; support for the "image/png" content type is REQUIRED, support 
for the "image/gif" and "image/jpeg" content types is RECOMMENDED, and 
support for any other content type is OPTIONAL.

5. The image data MUST conform to the base64Binary datatype [7] and thus 
be encoded in accordance with Section 6.8 of RFC 2045 [8], which 
recommends that base64 data should have lines limited to at most 76 
characters in length. However, any whitespace characters (e.g., '\r' and 
'\n') MUST be ignored.

BTW, on the jabber.org server we have a maximum message (in fact 
"stanza") size of 65k, so if people have vCards with large image data 
then the vCards won't be sent to their buddies. We have a policy of 
contacting such people and telling them to trim their image data.


Peter Saint-Andre
XMPP Standards Foundation

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