[Juser] Re: Re: Some questions about the vCard photo

Peter Flindt newsgroups at Lastwebpage.de
Mon Jun 4 17:02:10 CDT 2007

Peter Saint-Andre wrote :
> Peter Flindt wrote:
>> Peter Saint-Andre wrote :
>>> ...
>>> BTW, on the jabber.org server we have a maximum message (in fact 
>>> "stanza") size of 65k, so if people have vCards with large image data 
>>> then the vCards won't be sent to their buddies. We have a policy of 
>>> contacting such people and telling them to trim their image data.
>>> ...
>>> Peter
>> If I understand you correct, that means avatar and photo SHOULD have
>> both the size from above, 96*96 max, recommend 64*64 less, than 8KB,
>> but both images can be different?
>> My client handle both images, but only the avatar have restriction for
>> the dimensions, the vCard photo have only a limit of filesize (40kb),
>> therefore I thought the XEP docs talk only about the avatar, my
>> mistake. ;)

> Well, in vCard there is no distinction between "avatar" and "photo", 
> they are the same thing.

> We have been working on a non-vCard approach to avatars, and that would 
> enable you to define a photo and an avatar separately. Of course some 
> Jabber clients may already make a distinction, but at the vCard or 
> protocol level there is no distinction.

> HTH,

> Peter

Many thanks for this explanation.


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