[Juser] Nonsensical 'bounce' messages from googletalk - confused

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri May 25 11:37:57 CDT 2007

Richard Thrippleton wrote:
> On Tue May 22 13:55, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> It sounds like a server-to-server communication problem. Do you know 
>> what error your friend receives? Can you perhaps verify the error using 
>> a test account running a Jabber client that shows you the XML stream? I 
>> don't know the specifics of what might be happening on the Google Talk 
>> end of things but getting a look at the raw XML stream there might help 
>> debug.
> I've just run a test scenario, using Psi and its XML console, connected to my
> (mostly unused) google account. I left a client logged into my usual server
> (rt at ret.me.uk), checked things were working between them, then simulated a
> sudden unexpected death of the ret.me.uk server. I've attached the XML output,
> and annotated it with comments.
> Summary:
> The confusing style of error message my friend reported was probably generated
> by his client, in response to correctly formed error messages from google, so
> that's a bad UI issue on the part of his client (Kopete).
> Google is noticing that it can't contact ret.me.uk, generates these errors in
> response, but despite this refuses to notify the client that rt at ret.me.uk is
> offline. From the end-user point of view, this is extremely confusing - an
> apparently online user repeatedly bouncing messages. That these bounces
> sometimes take up to 20s after the message has apparently sent successfully
> only exacerbates the matter. 
> Is this normal (specified) behaviour for jabber servers, or an oversight on
> Google's part?

They may not be sending keepalives over the server-to-server connection 
in order to determine if the domain on the other end is really there.


Peter Saint-Andre
XMPP Standards Foundation

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