[Juser] Can't add or be added.

Atlantean (Anarchy Online) ao at onedot.nl
Mon Nov 12 17:23:51 CST 2007

I made the account ao at jabber.org yesterday, but whatever i tried.. it's not
working correctly. I can login to it and get online, thats all good. But
when users add me, i get no confirmation request. Nor do i get an offline
message from them. And if i add them to my list, they show as offline too,
saying "no permission", and they never get the request or offline message

I have a weird feeling the the email i provided when i created the
jabber.org account isn't working or was entered wrong, but iirc you don't
need to confirm your jabber.org registration.

Any help would be lovely, thanks in advance!
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