[Juser] Jabber.org server

Peter Flindt newsgroups at Lastwebpage.de
Thu Oct 18 09:18:01 CDT 2007

i want not open a new discussion about the same topic.

Some other things goes wrong with the jabber.org server too, or is this
a protocoll issue?

When the server jabber.org goes down and restart, it seems to me that
he  lost the connection to the jabber network and don't reconnect
properly too.
Login server: Jabber.org, I can access the service list and the

Login server: jabbus.org, I can't access ther service list or the
chatrooms. My first thought was that was an jabbus.org issue, because I
have report this earlier to the jabbus.org admin, he restart his
server, and it worked fine after this.
But I am not sure about this in the meantime, because yesterday the
same happens again, jabber.org shut down, for some time an restart. I
can now access the service list from many other servers and join
chatrooms, except for the jabber.org server. Therefore I think either
something is wrong in the jabber.org server config or this is a general
protocol issue.


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