[Juser] Server with autodelete for MUCs?

Peter Flindt newsgroups at Lastwebpage.de
Mon Sep 3 08:36:58 CDT 2007

is there any server which have an "autodelete" for MUCs?
(I have no idea if this is a general problem or server specific)
If not, why there is no feature like this?
I have test it with PSI and Miranda-IM both can't sort the MUC list by
If a new user join a server with MUCs, he find tons of death channels
or he search for a specific topic and must scroll through a very long

Therefore I ask if it is possible to include an autodelete in the
jabber server software for MUCs, if a MUC was not visited in the last
1-2 months.

This is not a special jabber.org problem, I notice this on all "big"
jabber servers.


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